THE HERALD OF GALACTUS #2: Marvel’s Ultimates, Flashpoint controversey, the Governator, X-Men: First Class

DC Comics look like they are going down the same route as Marvel this September, when they reboot their whole line back to issue one. Marvel recently announced the complete overhaul of their Ultimates universe for the second time. They are streamlining these titles down to four: Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, The Ultimates and Ultimate Hawkeye (yeah, the last one confused me too). Hopefully these reimagined incarnations will be better than Jeph Loeb’s rubbish Ultimatum, which wiped out the universe with a big tidal wave!

It has been reported by Bleeding Cool that after the climax of Flashpoint, which is DC’s big summer event (see issue #1), they will begin a massive restructuring of their illustrious back-catalogue. This is either the plan, or mere hearsay. I can only guess that the conclusion of Flashpoint will have unforeseen consequences on the DC universe. Only time will tell, although they will be announcing their September slate very soon.

On the subject of DC and Flashpoint, they also released the map of the world last week, as part of their “Flashpoint Friday” event on the company source blog. They release maps like this to give geeks like me an understanding of the world at play, but I think someone really dropped the ball on this one. Certain areas have notes stating which factions control what parts of the Flashpoint globe, such as the Nazi-controlled Brazil and South America. What has kicked up a fuss however, is the fact that Africa is quoted as being “Ape controlled”. I don’t think I need to explain why that has been so controversial, but some believe that the decision was a conscious choice to get people talking. As far as marketing schemes go, it’s not a good one. Have a look at the map and see what you think (click for the big version):

Fancy a holiday to Nazi-controlled Brazil?

On a quick side note, Amazon have revealed that they are now selling more e-books than print ones, just four years after the launch of the Kindle. It doesn’t have much of an impact on the comic book world, as I believe that you need to install a program to be able to read comics on the device, but it’s interesting to see that its only taken four years to reach this milestone. I don’t think print is dead, but maybe it’s now an endangered species.

In the wake of Sperminator Gate, as I like to refer to it now, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s collaboration with Marvel legend Stan Lee – The Governator – has been put on ice, along with his upcoming film work. Well, the original press release sent out by Lee’s POW Entertainment stated that they were not going forward with the project, only to release a new statement two hours later saying it was merely on hold. The Governator, for anyone who isn’t aware, was unveiled in late March and features a semi-fictional Schwarzenegger who, after leaving office, decides to become a superhero (complete with a secret Arnold Cave under his Brentwood home). Not even his family knows about it, like his new son…sorry couldn’t resist that one. We’ll have to wait and see if this project will be back or if it is hasta la vista Governator!

The new X-Men film, First Class is released next week (1st June) and reviews are starting to appear online (including a four star review from IGN). They all seem to be on the positive side, which has only made me more excited about Matthew Vaughn’s prequel. I do think it’s a weird selection of mutants to use, but I’m sure Fox were unable to use certain core characters. Anticipation is high – could this really be the best X-Men film to date?

I mentioned in my last issue that the pilot for the live-action Wonder Woman show was dumped by NBC, and it’s all down to that god-awful costume (damn you, J. Michael Straczynski, for giving Wonder Woman leggings). New pictures have surfaced of actress Adrianne Palicki wearing the traditional outfit, and she looks so much better. I give it a few more months before the pilot shows up online.

Wonder Woman is the one on the right, just in case you weren’t sure…


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