After touching on it my last issue, I thought I would talk more about DC’s universe-wide reboot that is set to take place after Flashpoint ends in September. A rumour surfaced via Bleeding Cool that the company will be taking all of their books back to issue #1. Some people in the comic industry assumed this was just a rumour to drum up Flashpoint publicity, and to draw readers away from Marvel’s Fear Itself event. However, it appears that the rumour mill was right.

New information implies that the company will be having a significant reshuffle in direction and creative talent. The reboot will boast a total of 52 titles, which could be a reference to 52,  DC’s epic-length tale that charted a year in the DCU without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Whether it’s a continuation or just a coincidence is unclear. Some of the titles have been announced, and the one that caught my eye was the return of Aquaman in his first ongoing series for over 10 years!

I am a big “King of the Sea” fan and I’ve missed him in my comic collection, due to the limited availability of some of his stories and the ridicule he’s received in the comic book community. Aquaman is finally getting a creative renaissance thanks to DC poster boy Geoff Johns. Whatever he writes seems to turn to gold, so I am very happy about him taking a crack at the undervalued character. Just look at his work on Green Lantern – he turned him into one of the most popular DC heroes in just over 50 issues (we are currently on issue 60-something, I believe). Maybe in a year or so, that plotline from Entourage will become a reality, and we’ll be preparing for an Aquaman movie!

The saviour of Superman?

Grant Morrison, a man associated with the resurgence of Batman comics, has been given the tricky task of rebuilding the Superman franchise, which was damaged thanks to a grounded storyline and a lack of credibility. Honestly, who wants to read about Superman walking around when he can fly? Morrison is a very bold choice, and in the last couple of years, Grant has turned the Batman titles into as big a success as Christopher Nolan’s films.


It also pleases me to report that Scott Synder has been able to keep writing his Batman series, and his current run on Detective Comics has made it one of my favourite titles at the moment. Other core characters, such as Green Lantern, Green Arrow and the Flash, will all keep their titles. In Green Lantern’s case, there are four titles being released in that family of books, which only boosts the character’s publicity this year. Personally, I’m looking forward to the Red Lantern series and the possibility of seeing more of one of my favourite DCU characters: Dex-Starr.

One of the most talked about titles is the re-launch of the Justice League of America, or JLA, and the task of returning them to their reputation as a force to be reckoned with. DC hope to bring some luster back to the series, like it was in the 90’s with Johns and Jim Lee in control, who are now Chief Creative Officer and Co-Publisher at DC respectively. In the super team battle, it must be said that JLA are lagging behind Marvel’s Avengers franchise, both on the page and on the big screen. Hopefully, the company’s confidence will result in a run that matches Morrison’s classic interpretation.

Could this spell the end for DC? Is this a do or die moment for them? We must remember that this isn’t the first time they’ve destroyed and rebuilt their universe, most notably with Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis, so this shouldn’t surprise anyone. I think fans are just miffed that everything is being reset to #1, and that DC will be ignoring everything that came before. But what’s in a number? As long as my Superman flies, my Green Lantern wields his power ring, and my Aquaman is still King of the Sea, I’m ready for anything DC throws at me!

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