Trailer Trash #5: Battlestar Galactica – The Second Coming (1999)

Followers of Battlestar Galactica are split into two groups: Fans of the old, and fans of the new. If you class Starbuck as a woman, think Adama is a bad ass, and prefer serious drama to laughable schlock, then you’ll be a fan of the new version. I don’t wish to disparage devotees of the original, which was created by Glen A. Larson in 1978, but there’s just no competition. It was a well-intentioned show that was certainly ahead of its time, but the remake is in another universe entirely.

The first Galactica has become a nostalgic curiosity, with a pretty amazing theme tune, but Larson squandered the potential of his man vs. machine story at every turn. Sorry to ruffle a few feathers, but seeing a Cylon Centurion riding a horse was just the final straw.

Richard Hatch is known to viewers of the re-imagined series as shifty terrorist leader Tom Zarek, but he was the heroic Apollo in the 70’s incarnation. Over the years, Hatch’s love for BSG led to a series of attempts to reboot the franchise. The Second Coming was the most elaborate. In truth, this isn’t a real pilot…it’s just the trailer. Hatch put his own house on the line just to pay for the short. While he was ultimately unsuccessful – the show was reborn in 2004 under the guidance of Ronald D. Moore – his enthusiasm landed him a memorable role on the new show.

As a glorified fan film, The Second Coming isn’t so bad. The effects are sub-par and it’s cheesier than a bag of Quavers, but Hatch’s passion and hard work should be commended – he did well with the resources he had. If nothing else, it will give you renewed respect for what Moore achieved with his remake. So say we all?


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