THE HERALD OF GALACTUS #4: Green Lantern feedback, Uncanny X-Men, Superman

Welcome to the latest Herald of Galactus, a regular round-up of comic book goodness.

The main talking point this week has been the release of Green Lantern, directed by Martin Campbell and staring Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. The movie was released last Friday and we are now seeing reviews and comments all over the web, indicating a mixed opinion overall. One of the biggest names to speak up on Green Lantern is comic writer Mark Millar. You may know him as the creator of Kick-Ass, as well as a string of Marvel and DC projects. Via Twitter, Millar made his feelings known:

“I hereby declare Green Lantern the worst superhero movie ever made. And yes I count The Phantom and The Shadow as superhero movies. Green Lantern was the cheapest-looking 300 million dollar movie I’ve ever seen. Why didn’t they give that money [to] Africa? It had a couple of good moments, all coming from Mark Strong. But oh man. It was just such an ODD movie. Like it travelled here from a parallel universe where they made a Green Lantern movie in 1995. But it was only eight quid and thus worth it. And I know I’ll go and see it again”.

Mark Millar

As my review stated, I completely disagree with him on the film, as there are far worse comic book flicks in existence, with The Spirit surely high on the list. Luckily, both the Kick-Ass graphic novel and film turned out to be brilliant, but I feel these words may come back to haunt Millar, as I’ve been reading Kick-Ass 2 and I’m less than impressed!

On the back of DC’s announcement that they will be rebooting their whole line with 52 new titles in September, Marvel revealed that they are bringing one of their core books to a close. September will also mark the end of Uncanny X-Men, which will bow-out at issue #544. It will tie-in with the finale of this year’s X-event, Schism. This storyline is set to split the allegiance of Marvel’s mutant population, joining either Team Wolverine or Team Cyclops, which makes it sounds like a ploy to bring Twilight fans into the mix.

Marvel also revealed that Schism will signal the launch of two new X-Men titles, one being Wolverine and the X-Men and the other being Uncanny X Men‘s relaunch, which will send the saga back to issue #1. This could be part of another franchise event dubbed Regenesis. This split in the mutant world is interesting as a lot of the X-Men comics play on the ideal of mutant unity, especially as their number decreased after the House of M. Also, I think this is a fitting way to draw new readers to the book, as there are a  number of X-Men related titles on shelves, making it easier for newbies to jump into the series. Personally, I will be picking up both titles when they hit in September and October.

On the subject of reboots, DC has leaked some new information regarding the state of their catalogue after September. One of the more interesting details is the notion that Superman will no longer be married to Lois Lane. Dan DiDio, Co-Publisher of DC Comics, spoke to NBC and said that the relationship between the two characters is being “re-examined”, which basically means they want to remove it from the book entirely. Although, they may reintroduce the relationship in an upcoming issue or possibly provide a new love interest for the Man of Steel.

I’m all for the new DC Universe, which has the potential to improve in certain areas, but removing something so iconic from the Superman mythology is a big risk. We may have a Dallas situation on our hands if the reboot backfires. The next few months are going to be very interesting.

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