Explosions galore in the final Captain America trailer

I’m sure a lot of people want Captain America to fail. That’s perfectly understandable. Such a patriotic, flag-waving character may be hard to stomach in these jaded times. There’s a possibility that the film will flounder outside the States. But fuck all that, because The First Avenger looks Marvel-ous.

The final trailer promises what could very well be the most entertaining blockbuster of the summer season. Chris Evans seems to be a solid choice for the all-American Steve Rogers, and the CGI effects used to make him puny are truly incredible (thanks, Benjamin Button). Even the costume looks great, which was my main concern after the project was announced. Giving the film credibility is an impressive supporting cast: Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci and Hugo Weaving. Lest we forget Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark (yeah, Iron Man’s pap). Admit it, you’re going to see this day one.

Captain America: The First Avenger is released in the UK 29th July.


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