New clips from Captain America and Cowboys & Aliens emerge

The more footage Marvel release from Captain America: The First Avenger, the more convinced I am that it will exceed all expectations. The studio have put 110% into their output so far, so why not the star-spangled crusader?

Three clips have appeared online and they hit the required level of awesome. First, a terrific battle scene that gives Cap the opportunity to show off his custom shield as he trounces a group of HYDRA agents. It appears that Director Joe Johnston was the right man for the job.

The other snippets give us a glimpse of Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark (who designs Cap’s primary weapon) and the delectable Hayley Atwell as romantic interest Peggy Carter. So far, so good. Roll on July 29th.

Cowboys & Aliens also has the potential to surprise audiences. The silly title implies that Jon Favreau’s genre mash-up will be tongue-in-cheek stuff, but the footage suggests a serious melding of sci-fi and western conventions. Above all else, it looks like a fun, unpretentious blockbuster that could end the summer season on a high note.

The first clip showcases a tense moment between Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, a screen partnership that may be remembered in years to come. The other is a sly nod to old school western clichés, with Craig leaping onto an alien spacecraft from a horse instead of the more familiar stagecoach. This sort of smart, self-referential humour bodes well for the finished film.

Aliens come home to roost 17th August. Oh, and if you have to check-out Favreau’s interviews with the cast and crew, you should.


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