Penguin stars in new Batman: Arkham City trailer, and two new characters revealed

If you don’t already know, the world’s largest comic book inspired convention, Comic-Con, is currently mid-flow in San Diego, and offering Rocksteady Studios another opportunity to show off their upcoming game Batman: Arkham City.

The developers have already released trailers focusing on Hugo Strange, Catwoman, Riddler and the Caped Crusader himself, but now Rocksteady have given Oswald Cobblepot his own promo. Cobblepot, best known as the Penguin, is one of Batman’s oldest enemies and many fans were disappointed not to see an appearance from the chubby crime lord in the first game. Arkham City looks set to make up for this, as the latest trailer shows the Penguin with a whole gang of criminals, fighting against the Dark Knight and rival factions to try to gain control of Gotham’s slums.


As you probably noticed, the trailer also reveals the inclusion of zombie supervillain Solomon Grundy. He originally appeared in the DC universe as an enemy for Green Lantern, but has since squared off against several other DC heroes including, naturally, Batman. The preview suggests that Grundy is being used by the Penguin in a similar way to how the Joker used Bane in Arkham Asylum, taking advantage of his super strength to try to take down Batman.

Just in case the list of villains wasn’t already impressive enough, Rocksteady have also announced that Talia al Ghul will be featured in the game too. Daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, love interest to Batman and mother of his child, Talia is a complex character in Bruce Wayne’s world and it will be interesting to see which side of the law Rocksteady decides to put her in Arkham City. The anti-heroine is set to be voiced by actress Stana Katic, best known for her role as Kate Beckett in the TV series Castle. The Dark Knight and his huge rogues gallery are set to hit games consoles October 21st.


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