Robert Rodriguez atones for Spy Kids 4, announces Sin City 2 and Machete sequels

Comic-Con has really hit the ground running this year. So many updates, so little time. The geek Mecca has slowly but surely become Hollywood’s greatest marketing tool, and 2011 is no different.

Con regular Robert Rodriguez hit Hall H to promote his next directorial effort, State of the Union, but the biggest news he dropped was the confirmation of the much-delayed Sin City 2. Geeks all over the world are weeping with joy. It may even start shooting before the end of the year!

The sequel will mirror the multi-story structure of the original, again taking direct inspiration from Frank Miller’s graphic novels, including the classic A Dame to Kill For. It will also include a brand spanking new Miller tale, amusingly dubbed “The Long Bad Night.” If that wasn’t enough, Rodriguez will be filming the noir bloodbath in 3D. For once, the material seems to demand the technology.

He also commented on the state of those Machete sequels. While the first film floundered at the box office, it made a substantial profit on home video. The first follow-up, Machete Kills, has already been greenlit. If that does well, there’s always Machete Kills Again. Rodriguez refers to the threequel as a “space opera with Danny Trejo kicking ass in zero gravity…with a machete-shaped lightsaber.” We can only assume he’s joking.

Head over to JoBlo to read about his next film, as well as a raft of other projects he has in development. His latest, the sure to be excruciating Spy Kids 4, is in cinemas soon. The only notable thing to say about it is that it’s in 3D with “Aromascope”. Yeah, that’s right, Rodriguez is bringing back scratch-and-sniff cards. I hope Sin City 2 is better than this trailer.


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