Die Hard 5 goes international

After saving the entire United States in Live Free or Die Hard (or Die Hard 4.0 to us Brits), John McClane is taking his terrorist ass-kicking to Russia for the fifth installment. Could he be fighting for the entire world now, too?

According to JoBlo, the sequel “reunites McClane with his son, as they travel to Russia and become involved in a conflict with local forces.” You just can’t take this man anywhere.

Last we heard, newcomer Noam Murro was set to direct, but he split to helm the upcoming 300 prequel instead. Fox are on the lookout for a replacement, which includes John Moore (Max Payne), Nicholas Rinding Refn (Bronson, Drive) and Joe Cornish (Attack the Block). The first name, Moore, makes sense – a cheap hack that Fox can push around. As for Refn and Cornish…holy shit. Imagine the Die Hard movie these chaps could make. Their involvement is unlikely, but the studio is going to need a creative vision to make this movie interesting.

Die Hard 4.0 was slammed by most, ahem, die-hard fans of the series, and I can understand why. The fallible, unwitting hero we met in the 1988 original had become an invincible killing machine. Yet, it was also one hell of an action flick. I’m not entirely against the idea of a Die Hard 5, but only if it’s R-rated with a solid set-up. A return to the more intimate conflict of the first and second films would also make sense.

Mr. Willis, please use your brain and do this one right. It could be McClane’s last hurrah, or the final nail in his coffin. Either way, you’ll be wondering how the same man can be in the same shit fives times in 2013.


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