The first picture of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman is lacking sex appeal

Christopher Nolan seems to be pushing the realism of his Batman movies one step too far with The Dark Knight Rises. I fear he’s sucking the fun out of the concept completely.

The first image of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman isn’t a definitive look at the character, seeing as she’s straddling the Batpod, but she doesn’t look much like the feline thief to me. Where are the ears? There’s already one character with a pointy-eared cowl, so why not another? And why is she riding the Batpod? Does she steal it, or does she inevitably join forces with the Caped Crusader?

To paraphrase Jim Carrey’s Riddler, it just raises too many questions.

This is definitely Nolan’s take on Catwoman, and not the version by Darwyn Cooke (above) as originally speculated. Saying that, I’ll give the esteemed filmmaker the benefit of the doubt. Maybe there’s a sexier Mk. II suit just waiting in the wings.


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