TRAILER TRASH #6: Dark Angel (aka I Come in Peace) (1990)

Dolph Lundgren never quite got a foothold in the movie industry after Universal Soldier (1992). His Looney Tunes portrayal of the demented Andrew Scott should have landed him more roles, but it wasn’t to be. Which isn’t to say the man is Laurence Olivier. There’s just a self-mocking humour about his on-screen presence that makes him better than the Jean-Claude Van Damme’s and Steven Seagal’s of this world.

Plus, he’s like really smart. The Punisher’s got a master’s degree in chemical engineering. Bet you didn’t know that. 

Dark Angel, or as it was known in America, I Come in Peace, is your typical Lundgren affair. Dumber than a bag of hammers and proud of the fact. Not that you should expect smarts from Craig R. Baxley, the visionary who brought us such “classics” as Twilight Man, Chameleon II: Deathmatch and 9 episodes of The A-Team. Lundgren may have a fancy qualification, but a stupid action movie never fazed him.

What’s it about? Well, have you ever seen the one about the maverick cop who angers his superiors and ultimately saves the day? It’s that, but with a humanoid alien (Matthias Hues) as an antagonist, who generally looks miffed. He keeps saying he comes in peace, but if this trailer is any indication, he most certainly doesn’t.

Just watch Lundgren work. Unadulterated movie cheese.


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