Blade Runner 2.0

We can thank the up-coming Alien prequel, Prometheus, for one thing: it has reignited Ridley Scott’s passion for science fiction.

I’m pretty unabashed in my love for Blade Runner. Everything about it just works, to the point where it’s more than the sum of its parts. The art direction is still incredible, the archaic visual effects remain jaw-dropping, and the moral complexities are more relevant now than they were in 1982. Following Scott’s preferred Final Cut in 2007, it is now deemed a masterpiece. In the annals of sci-fi cinema, only Kubrick’s 2001 can really compete.

Little did we know that Scott would return to his dystopian Los Angeles for another round of Replicant retirement. 

Deadline reports that Scott has joined forces with Alcon Entertainment, who recently had a sleeper hit with award-winner The Blind Side, to “produce a film that advances his seminal and groundbreaking science fiction film.” That’s all we really have to go on, but Scott’s involvement in the project has caused quite a stir already. The expected questions are being bandied about as we speak: is it a sequel, prequel or remake? Will it feature the same plot as the original, or will it return to Philip K. Dick’s source material? Are members of the original cast expected to return too?

The latter is perhaps the most pertinent. The prospect of Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer and Edward James Olmos reprising their roles is almost too much to comprehend.

Rest assured, I can’t wait for the answers. It’s reasonably safe to assume that it will focus on a “Blade Runner,” who is tasked with hunting down and killing an assortment of walking appliances. Presumably with lots of slow-motion shots of people falling through glass. And big neon signs. Don’t forget those.

Joking aside, this is great news for any Blade Runner fan, myself included, but there’s also the very real possibility that any prequel or sequel will pale in comparison. But anything is better than a remake.

Prometheus, a film you should be excited about, is due for release 1st June 2012.


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