Check-out some gameplay from Aliens: Colonial Marines

It’s hard to believe that Aliens: Colonial Marines was originally announced in 2001, before being cancelled by developer Check Six Games, much to the disgust of xenomorph fans everywhere. We were all hoping that it would eventually see the light of day.

Then, in December 2006, Gearbox picked up the license. Another five years later and we finally get a gameplay trailer. If you include Check Six’s version of things, this game almost beats Duke Nukem Forever in terms of production time. Let’s hope it isn’t as disappointing as that long-in-the-tooth title. 

The game is set after James Cameron’s masterpiece Aliens (1986), with a search and rescue team sent out to look for survivors, which included Ripley, Hicks, Bishop and Newt. On arrival, they come across the original Space-Jockey ship which serves as one of the game’s interiors. The sense of detail is fantastic, and the designers have faithfully recreated the look and atmosphere of Cameron’s enduring classic. There’s plenty to be excited about.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is out next Spring for the PC, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. Enjoy!


About Andrew Cooper

Andrew is a screenwriter an freelance journalist. His favourite films range from 'Citizen Kane' all the way to 'Jaws: The Revenge' depending on mood and alcohol consumption. He is a great fan of the video game industry with a wide range of favourites. He also moonlights a s a ninja for hire.
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