See Marvel’s first short film, “The Consultant,” and a new Avengers promo

After a great deal of anticipation and nerdy speculation, the first short film from Marvel Studios has landed online, well ahead of its debut on the Thor Blu-Ray. These One Shots, as Marvel are calling them, will tie-off loose ends in the Cinematic Universe and (hopefully) introduce new characters before their silver screen launches.

First up is “The Consultant,” which follows One Shot regular, and SHIELD operative, Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg). This very short, 3 minute piece isn’t going to turn any heads, and it flies right in the face of early rumours that the films would be upwards of 15 minutes. Oh well, maybe they’re starting small.

It essentially boils down to a very Tarantino-style conversation in a diner, which dovetails nicely into the end of The Incredible Hulk. There’s no action, no new footage of any of the key superheroes, and no inherent replay value. But it’s also kind of cool. The details raised certainly help to bring these films together into one, cohesive whole, and it leaves the promise of more elaborate One Shots to come.

To see it in sparkling HD (before it’s removed), head over to Twitvid.

Marvel have also released a new promo to build excitement for next year’s mega-blockbuster, The Avengers, which is light on actual footage but does offer a glorious roll-call of the characters. My inner-child is pleased. It’s also great to hear from Director Joss Whedon, who must be feeling the stress right about now.

My brain still can’t comprehend that this film exists. Roll on May 2012, the wait is unbearable.


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