AMC split the second season of The Walking Dead in two

It must be said that people are a little concerned about The Walking Dead’s sophomore season. Frank Darabont’s sudden departure was troubling, and now we receive word that AMC are splitting the series in two. But it isn’t all bad news: the premiere will be a 90 minute special.

CHUD reports that the first 7 episodes will air from October to November, followed by a hiatus. The remaining 6 will begin in February. AMC hasn’t provided an explanation for the decision, although behind-the-scenes problems may be a factor here. It all seems rather pointless. They better pray that the mid-season “finale” is a stunner, because a prolonged break certainly didn’t help Caprica. After a first season closer that many rightly called “disappointing,” The Walking Dead really needs to hit the ground running.

There’s no word on a UK air-date yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted. On a related note, check-out this new Blu-Ray extra from make-up effects genius Greg Nicotero (Day of the Dead), who gleefully shows us how to create zombies and realistic gore. Tom Savini would be proud.


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