THE SHORT CIRCUIT #1: The Flying Car (2002)

The Flying Car holds the distinction of being the first ever short film commissioned for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, which has been a trademark of the series ever since. It’s also Kevin Smith’s first real short, unless you count his music video for Soul Asylum’s “Can’t Even Tell,” or his MTV spots with Jay and Silent Bob. But nobody does. 

The project reunited him with his indelible Clerks characters; the forever exasperated Dante Hicks (Brian O’Halloran) and loveable anti-social misfit Randal Graves (Jeff Anderson). For once, the action doesn’t play out in New Jersey’s most famous convenience store, but finds our heroes caught in a traffic jam. When talk turns to The Jetsons, it’s the cue for a conversation that you’re unlikely to forget.

In typical Smith fashion, it’s just two guys talking. But the dialogue may be some of the finest the heavyset filmmaker has ever written. That punch-line is fantastic. Please don’t retire, Kevin, there’s life in your scripting yet.

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