Resident Evil 6 trailer leaks online

Well, it’s finally confirmed. Before you get too excited, note that it’s nothing more than a flash, with something vague about bio-weapons spreading across the earth…and “one place with the key to stop it all.” So we’re either in Resident Evil: Extinction territory, or it was just a figure of speech. We also get a glimpse of some snowy area with liquid storage tanks.

This is the very definition of a teaser. 

The location is consided to be Thunder Bay in Ontario, Canada, if the numbers that flash up are correct.

In my opinion, it means that the game isn’t going to be great. The further away from Raccoon City they get, the more this series loses me.


About Andrew Cooper

Andrew is a screenwriter an freelance journalist. His favourite films range from 'Citizen Kane' all the way to 'Jaws: The Revenge' depending on mood and alcohol consumption. He is a great fan of the video game industry with a wide range of favourites. He also moonlights a s a ninja for hire.
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1 Response to Resident Evil 6 trailer leaks online

  1. Andrew Cooper says:

    Just to confirm with anyone reading this: This was posted after it was confirmed to be a FAKE trailer. So Alert over!

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