Rockstar Games release Grand Theft Auto V’s first trailer

Without a doubt, the biggest piece of gaming news this week is GTA V’s debut trailer. After a countdown on its developer’s website, the first trailer for one of the most anticipated sequels in video game history was released online today.

The story woven by the narrator and the imagery hints at a rags to riches tale, an underlying theme in many of the prior games in this series but this time there seems to be a hope for ‘going straight’ after past transgressions. I feel it’s safe to assume that won’t last for long. This next iteration looks like it will be set in a modern day Los Santos, a doppelgänger of Los Angeles that featured in the game’s ambitious predecessor, San Andreas. It’s still too soon to say whether GTA V will encompass the wackiness of the prior titles, but the dark observational humour is certainly still there, along with the contrasts in play between the haves and the have-nots. 

Although the trailer doesn’t specifically announce much beyond a vague storyline, it does allow for a great deal of rumour and observational guesswork. If you will permit me some educated speculation, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the game’s location wasn’t just limited to one city. Several scenes in the trailer feature rural locales which, along with the fact that Los Santos was merely one of three cities you could play in GTA: San Andreas, make me feel that the next game’s world could well be much larger than Liberty City. The appearance of three different planes in the trailer feels like a pretty obvious hint that flight will play a bigger role in this game than in GTA IV. Reverting to earlier iterations, purchasing property could be making a return, as a brief scene shows a man setting up a for sale sign outside a house.

With the trailer out in the open we can only hope that the game’s developer’s will tell us more in the coming weeks.

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My name's Tom, I'm 22 and in that awkward stage in life where I don't know what I'm going to do with the rest of it. I enjoy a convivial lifestyle made up of excesses in the form of videogames and socializing and try to take each day as it comes.
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1 Response to Rockstar Games release Grand Theft Auto V’s first trailer

  1. gta says:

    The game looks good. It’s ashame it won’t be set within the whole of San Andreas but from the sounds of things, it looks like the scale of the game is going to be their biggest yet.

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