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GAMING GREATS #2: The Story of Thor (1995)


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‘Welcome Back’ PSN

As you probably already know, since around Sunday evening, PSN has returned to us. It’s been a long wait but finally Sony has filled up all the holes in the service and made it available for users to access again, … Continue reading

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Namco’s weapons-based brawler continues

According to a press conference at Namco Bandai’s Levelup Dubai 2011 event, the SoulCalibur series is set to continue with SoulCalibur V. The new entry will be set 17 years after the fourth game ended, around the story of a … Continue reading

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BARGAIN OF THE WEEK: Alien Anthology (Blu-Ray)

Voted as IGN’s “Best Blu-Ray” to date, Alien Anthology includes 6 disks of entertainment and is now only £16.98 at Tesco Entertainment. It spans 4 movies: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection, with 2 versions of each. Also packed … Continue reading

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