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CINEMA CLASSICS #8: Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

The entire Star Wars saga is finally out on Blu-Ray. Instead of a lengthy film-by-film analysis, lets cut to the chase and revisit the greatest entry in the successful series. Advertisements

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George Lucas alters Star Wars again for the Blu-Ray release

Don’t worry, the classic Star Wars films aren’t being tinkered with for the third time (one would hope). Instead, Writer/Director/Creator/Idiot George Lucas is revising his much-maligned prequel, The Phantom Menace, for the impending Blu-Ray edition. What, may you ask, could … Continue reading

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George Lucas is too cheap to make that Star Wars TV show

Do you want, or need, more adventures in a galaxy far, far away? The prequels have had their fair share of put-downs, and it’s reached the point where making jokes at their expense is somewhat futile. They were rotten. What’s … Continue reading

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