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Penguin stars in new Batman: Arkham City trailer, and two new characters revealed

If you don’t already know, the world’s largest comic book inspired convention, Comic-Con, is currently mid-flow in San Diego, and offering Rocksteady Studios another opportunity to show off their upcoming game Batman: Arkham City. The developers have already released trailers focusing … Continue reading

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Bioshock Infinite’s 15-minute E3 gameplay video arrives online

Last month, the gaming world’s most highly anticipated titles gathered together to flex their muscles at E3, the biggest expo in the video game industry. The latest instalments from Call of Duty, Uncharted, Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield and Halo … Continue reading

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Crysis coming to consoles?

Could one of the most visually impressive PC games of all time be following its sequel into the world of consoles? Crytek’s critically and commercially successful first person shooter, Crysis, has recently been spotted on ESRB’s website rated for both … Continue reading

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