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Rockstar Games release Grand Theft Auto V’s first trailer

Without a doubt, the biggest piece of gaming news this week is GTA V’s debut trailer. After a countdown on its developer’s website, the first trailer for one of the most anticipated sequels in video game history was released online … Continue reading

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Martin Scorsese’s George Harrison documentary gets a trailer

Beatles fans are never short of a documentary or two, but they probably never expected one from the director of GoodFellas. It wouldn’t be the first time that Martin Scorsese has documented musical history, however. He was an editor on … Continue reading

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TRAILER TRASH #6: Dark Angel (aka I Come in Peace) (1990)

Dolph Lundgren never quite got a foothold in the movie industry after Universal Soldier (1992). His Looney Tunes portrayal of the demented Andrew Scott should have landed him more roles, but it wasn’t to be. Which isn’t to say the … Continue reading

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Martin Scorsese takes on a children’s fairytale in the Hugo trailer

After a career spent charting the dark side of humanity, it was only a matter of time before Martin Scorsese tried something light-hearted. His first foray into family entertainment, Hugo, may be a hard sell to long-time fans of the … Continue reading

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Movie Trailer Round-Up: The Thing, John Carter and Contagion

When word broke out that Universal were revisiting The Thing, a lot of horror fans were rightly unimpressed. John Carpenter’s 1982 classic has amassed a sizeable cult following over the years, largely due to the elaborate make-up effects that still … Continue reading

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The chase is on in the trailer for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Guy Ritchie’s first stab at the Great Detective was an enjoyably flawed film that ended with the promise of better mysteries to come. It remains to be seen if the sequel, A Game of Shadows, provides a worthy case for … Continue reading

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Statham and De Niro team up to stop Clive Owen in Killer Elite

I’m not sure how this one passed me by. Jason Statham and Robert De Niro killing people? Sign me up! While everyone knows that De Niro has become increasingly lazy, tarnishing his once perfect record, Killer Elite looks like a … Continue reading

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Dexter announces season 6 with a special message

Goddamn it, I can’t wait for more Dexter. While some critics will tell you that Season 5 was a disappointment (especially after the truly amazing fourth series), it remains one of the best shows on the air; a unique drama … Continue reading

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MOVIE/TV ROUND-UP: Star Wars, Our Idiot Brother, Django Unchained, Captain America

Recently, we reported on the status of George Lucas’ Star Wars TV series, which was said to have 50 hours of footage in the can. Turns out that rumour was a load of Ewok dung. Producer Rick McCallum, who is … Continue reading

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The Inbetweeners get a teaser trailer

I’d totally forgotten about The Inbetweeners Movie. The Channel Four series was a winner, giving Peep Show a run for its money as the most pathos-ridden sitcom on television. Fans will be pleased to know that the film is indeed … Continue reading

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Return to LV-426 with Aliens: Colonial Marines

When you think about it, the FPS would be nothing without James Cameron. Is there a single shooter made in the last 10 years that didn’t reference his iconic Aliens? The sci-fi masterpiece is a quarter-century old, but its popularity … Continue reading

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Catwoman draws her claws in the new Arkham City trailer

Batman: Arkham Asylum was brilliant – the best video game based on a comic book to date. The forthcoming sequel, Arkham City, looks even better. The latest trailer gives us a another look at the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery in … Continue reading

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Get a better look at the Dragon Tattoo trailer

Hot on the heels of the bootleg, we have the official trailer for David Fincher’s greatly anticipated US remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (and that provocative French poster to the left). Is it unnecessary? Maybe, but I … Continue reading

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MOVIE ROUND-UP: Star Trek 2, The Dark Knight Rises, Green Lantern, Richard Linklater’s Bernie, The Muppets

It’s been two years since J.J. Abrams successfully restarted the Star Trek franchise. The 2009 hit proved to be popular with mainstream audiences, and demand for a sequel has been high. The plan was to get the film into theatres … Continue reading

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Heed the Call of Duty once more with the MW3 trailer

There’s a lot riding on Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Not in terms of sales, mind you: The last instalment became the fastest-selling entertainment release in history, and Black Ops only kept the streak alive. Yet, many are … Continue reading

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